DIVA2 Base

The universal interface adapter DIVA2 fulfills versatile tasks in vending machines. DIVA2 can be connected to vending machines and payment systems of all manufacturers and perfectly solves the tasks as an interface converter with complete accounting.

Installation in the vending machine is very easy thanks to its minimal dimensions and versatile mounting options. Despite its lavish equipment, DIVA2 can even be expanded in the field with numerous add-ons if necessary. These include the expansion to a complete cashless system such as Legic, Mifare and virtual transponders on smartphones.

New and future technologies can be retrofitted as options or extensions. As a result, you enjoy a high level of investment protection, not least thanks to large reserves in performance and memory equipment.
Variants: VM, CCI


The universal interface adapter MaX2 is the "little brother" of DIVA2 Base and fulfills its clearly defined tasks in vending machines. It can be connected to vending machines, cash registers and payment systems of all manufacturers, and perfectly solves the tasks as an interface converter with complete accounting.

The controller can be networked via LAN or with GSM (as a retrofit), making it the ideal telemetry system. It is joined by TIV, the perfect cloud-based software for managing vending machines and payment systems.

MaX2 is also used for the Swiss payment solution TWINT, and is therefore the most cost-effective solution when public payment means are to be integrated into vending machines.


This product has been discontinued and replaced by MaX2.
Current firmware versions are still available (see MaX2).

GSM module: Extension 204

As an extension module for any DIVA2 system, the hardware extension E204 provides full online capability thanks to the 4G modem. The small board can be retrofitted in the field or it is delivered pre-assembled to the corresponding controller (DIVA2 Base, LeX, LeX2, DeLight, DeLight2, MaX2 or MaX).

We also supply the appropriate SIM for Europe-wide use at favorable rates.

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