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Transfer station

When changing the system to a new provider for payment or operating, most often the problem arises to use up the money of the data carriers from the previous provider to a certain date. After the change, the credit is no longer usable.

The universal transfer station, is a very practical tool to allow any consumer to independently transfer existing credit from the previous "wallet" to the new "wallet". The process can be carried out at any time.

The device supports various constellations:

  • Data carrier is exchanged
  • The data carrier is kept and a new wallet is loaded on it
  • The AutoFormat function can also be integrated into the process so that the user does not notice when a new wallet is loaded

The device provides an accurate accounting of the transactions made as a total (EVADTS) or by individual transactions. The data can be read via cable, IrDA or GSM.
The device can be serviced remotely. The required GSM modem with SIM card is integrated as standard.

Money Box add-on housing for OCS

The universal add-on housing is the perfect solution for easy and cost-effective retrofitting of payment systems in OCS coffee machines.

  • fits all coffee machine manufacturers
  • can be fixed to the side wall of the machine on both sides, depending on the available space
  • easy emptying of the cash box by folding down the front panel


The housing can be supplied in three variants:

  • RFID: DeLight2 RFID reader system alone without cash or a third party reader
  • Coin: Coin validator 3.5'' for cash only payment
  • RFID + coin: combination of cash and cashless payment. In addition, the data carrier can be loaded with coins.

For the connection to the corresponding coffee machine with MDB or CCI the suitable DIVA box can be installed.




The miniPOS is an allrounder for special applications around the closed loop RFID system.

Cashier terminal for small kiosk applications:
If a limited amount of products is sold, the device can enable payment by badge. The desired amount is entered via the keypad.

Data carriers can be validated for further use by other persons after return.

Statistics can be read with the NFC mobile via the antenna.

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Upgrading and charging stations

Turnstiles / cleaning systems

For payment with RFID or TWINT at passages and entrances, we offer a conclusive solution that can be easily combined with vending machines and cash registers. Typically, a predefined price is debited upon presentation of the badge or by scanning the QR code (TWINT).

The products DIVA2 Base and LeX2 offer the appropriate interface to open a turnstile or to start a car wash.

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