New hardware solution for TWINT

From farm stores to large vending operators: the TWINT payment solution with QR code can be integrated very easily into all vending machines, coffee machines, turnstiles, car washes, etc. and used alone or in combination with access badge or small change.

No other public payment system other than TWINT is as easy to activate: registration at is completed in no time at all. TWINT also offers more favorable conditions than debit and credit cards.

Hug-Witschi is now extending the offer to deeply integrate TWINT into all our product. As the last device, TWINT can now also be used in the MaX controller.
The two generations MaX and MaX2 are the most favorable members in our product range (



We deliver advantageous sets, which are designed for applications with LAN or GSM networking.
Existing installations can be easily retrofitted.

The system can be supplemented optionally by a gapless accounting. This allows you to keep track of sales figures, check cash and TWINT settlements and optimize your products.

Thanks to the built-in telemetry, the system can be monitored and updated on demand.

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