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TWINT is the leading payment app in Switzerland for payment at cash registers, on the Internet, in farm stores, or of course at vending machines. Hug-Witschi has integrated TWINT directly into the DIVA2 platform and offers this payment method in static and dynamic QR code variants:

a) For upgrading your Legic or Mifare badge with TWINT, we have equipped our Compact Loaders accordingly. All devices in the STANDARD line support TWINT upgrading via dynamic QR code.

b) Vending machines with networked DIVA2 Base, MaX, DeLight or LeX can be equipped with static QR Code. All that is needed is a sticker with a TWINT QR code - the activation of TWINT can be carried out simply by configuration.

Another advantage of TWINT is the uncomplicated registration directly via and lower transaction fees than credit cards.

In addition to paying for products, TWINT and DIVA2 can also be used to upgrade the badge.
To do this, hold the badge up to the reader in the usual way and scan the QR code simultaneously with the TWINT app.
Immediately and automatically, without any action on the part of the user, the TWINT app indicates that the preset amount is to be upgraded - it couldn't be easier!
The procedure works with all data carriers (Legic, Mifare), including third party readers that can be connected to the DIVA2 system.

The previously offered Beacon procedure is no longer sold. Existing systems must be converted to QR Code by fall 2023.

Ingenico from Worldline

Hug-Witschi is an official Worldline dealer and distributes the high-performance vending machine terminals from Ingenico. 
The self line has been successful on the market for years and convinces as a robust product for payment at vending machines or when upgrading to a closed system on our Compact Loader rechargers.
Ingenico offers three versions with MDB interface (self 2000, 4000, 5000).
The self 2000 is the ideal device for contactless payment only: the ideal solution for the vending market. 
For amounts over 80 (Switzerland), the pin code can be entered directly via the display (pin-on-glass). Or if this is required after several contactless payment transactions. 

Thanks to EP2 certification, the self terminals support all debit and credit cards on the Swiss market.
Hug-Witschi supports the merchant in concluding the contract with Worldline.

The terminals can be easily installed in vending machines thanks to the standardized EVA installation format. The devices are approved with the DIVA2 platform and can be adapted via DIVA2 (MDB, CCI, Executiv, BDV, parallel) or directly to the vending machines or coffee machines.
Hug-Witschi also supports you here with a broad knowledge of integration. 

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