Switzerland: new software available for note reader Cashcode

The banknotes of the 8th banknote series have been recalled as of April 30, 2021, and are thus no longer considered official means of payment.
However, they retain their value and can be exchanged directly at a Swiss National Bank counter at full face value for an unlimited period of time.

The 8th banknote series consists of the following banknotes:


A new firmware is now available for the Cashcode note readers, which only accepts the new Swiss banknotes (series 9). The old notes from series 8 are rejected.

All Cashcode models can be easily updated via stick. You can send an existing stick for update or order new sticks.

The stick must match the Cashcode model: MSM, MSMv4 or MSMv5.
Instructions on how to use the stick in the field can be found in the download section (registration required).


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