TWINT conversion to QR code

As a public payment method, TWINT can be integrated into vending machines more easily and at lower cost than comparable credit card solutions. Hug-Witschi has very successfully supported the TWINT integration in recent years and offers a wide range of hardware.

Beacon hardware installed before 2023 will no longer be supported and switched off as of September 2023. The dynamic QR Code and static QR Code variants are now available.
The dynamic QR code is already used in all Compact Loader upgraders (touch display) and will remain so.

The existing vending machines with Beacon can be easily and cost-effectively converted to the static QR Code.
You only need to open a new store (instructions on the web) and order the QR Code.

Hug-Witschi creates the new TWINT access and supplies you with the QR codes as adhesive foil in various sizes and optionally in the languages DE, FR, IT, EN.

For older installations we recommend to update to the latest version (Attention: new firmware available in May 2023).

Further advantages of the TWINT solution from Hug-Witschi:

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