Cash Reader


With the compact desktop reader any RFID data carrier can be read and written from your host system. This makes it easy to integrate POS or other PC applications into any new or existing RFID environment. 

The included DLL can be installed very quickly into a Windows PC based host system and supports all major technologies Legic, Mifare Classic, Desfire and Plus with the known data structures on the market. Updates are accomplished by simply exchanging the DLL. The functionality is identical to our vending machine readers.

The reader has a real USB port and installs plug and play. The user interface is a multicolor LED and a buzzer.

DeDesk Wall

This variant is used when the reader is to be screwed to a wall, e.g. in order to be able to show information about the account via a display (info terminal). 
The reader corresponds electrically to the DeDesk and DeDesk OEM variants, only mechanical adjustments have been made. By default, the cable is led out at the top, but optionally it can be led downwards.

DeLight Desk SET Cash Desk

With the compact desk reader any RFID data carrier can be read and written by the host system. This includes cash registers, vending machines, coffee machines or PC tools for various applications. 
The reader can be controlled serially via a Windows DLL or natively by implementing the existing serial communication protocol. Optionally a display is built in.

SW-Downloads s. DeLight2


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