Vending Machine Reader


The LeX2 consists of a DIVA2 controller, Legic read/write electronics and a remote antenna and processes all common 13.56 MHz technologies (including Legic prime/advant, Mifare Desfire/Classic/Plus) as well as virtual transponders on the smartphone (BLE, HCE). It supports many standards in terms of interfaces and data structures and thus offers great openness and independence.
With the integrated 4G GSM modem, the vending machine data can be sent via the Internet. Hug-Witschi provides the appropriate cloud solution for this.
Offline, data can be read out via cable, NFC, Bluetooth or IrDA. The reader can be expanded in terms of hardware with options and extensions. Options include extensions for turnstiles and parking (I/O board), printers, QR scanners and various display variants.
LeX2 is the most powerful closed loop system on the market that can meet all your requirements.

Variants: MDB, BDV, EXE, CCI each available as complete sets with Dragon antenna and vending machine cable.


This system is discontinued and replaced by LeX2.
Current firmware versions are still available (same base as DIVA2 Base).


The DeLight2 vending machine reader is the little brother of LeX2.
It supports all serial vending machines, contains extensive statistics, can be operated online and offline and supports all known RFID technologies such as Legic prime/ advant, Mifare Classic/ Desfire and Mobile (virtual tags).
The reader is hardware upgradeable with an extension, e.g. Extension 204 Modem GSM.

For most applications DeLight2 is the ideal closed loop system with versatile extension possibilities.


This system is discontinued and replaced by DeLight2.
Current firmware versions are still available (same base as DeLight2).


The reader consists of a very compact controller based on the latest DIVA3 hardware platform with integrated Legic read/write electronics of the latest generation (Legic SM6300) and a remote antenna.
Like LeX2 and DeLight2 it handles all common technologies:

Legic prime + advant (ISO14443, ISO15693)
Mifare DESFire and Mifare Classic
Virtual transponders for Android and iOS smartphones
The reader can be used in addition to DeLight2 and LeX2 thanks to full compatibility. In addition, the installation is very easy thanks to minimal dimensions, especially in table top machines.
It can be connected to all machines with MDB, CCI or Executive interface (automatic recognition).
The commissioning is very simple: hold the baptism card to the antenna - ready. All necessary settings are made plug n play.

Ultralight is suitable for simple applications with cashless payment. Billing solutions, telementry etc. have to be integrated in the vending machine.

DeDesk embedded

DeDesk embedded is a variant of the DeDesk cash register reader and is used when a PC-based control system is to be equipped with RFID. Examples are vending machines, cashier machines, car washes or ticket machines.

The reader can be connected to the controller via USB. On request we deliver a suitable DLL for a very simple integration with the same possibilities as with all our vending machine readers.
At the front end the Dragon antenna can be installed, or we offer OEM antennas in different designs.

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